Bryan Ng

First Day


-What sounds interesting about this project?

The extraction of caffeine from beverages.

-What do you think you can learn from this project?

I think we can learn the set of skills, experience and co-operation at trying to extract caffeine from beverages.

-Any immediate questions regarding the project?

Is it a very complicated procedure to extract caffeine?

Plenary Sessions

-Note down at least one key learning point for each sessions

Session 1 : The islands sink over time and when it pops up, a tsunami is formed.

Session 2 : Everyone can be an inventor with the passion.

Session 3 : Everything around is formed by millions and millions of tiny atom compounds.

Second Day

I did extraction of caffeine from tea bags and find out how the different angles of inclination affects the speed and time of the moving ball.

In the morning, we proceeded to the SPMS, then we proceeded to a short briefing of what we were gonna do and how to. After the briefing is over, we went to action and did everything step by step. In the afternoon after lunch, we went to take part in the fastest ball challenge. We were given sufficient amount of time to try out and explore the ways to form the most effective way for the ball to roll down. After the given time, we had a challenge between all groups. 

I learn to apply knowledge to real life application in the case of fastest ball challenge.  In the case of extraction of caffeine from beverages, we know  what are the theory and cause for each step, hence enabling us to understand the full situation.

I feel that today's activities are kind of interesting and challenging. The project has affected my understanding of the discipline in a sense that I have deeper knowledge of the subject in caffeine and how to extract it . I have also know the angle in which optimizes the speed of acceleration of ball on a slope. This discipline may be applied somewhere else for general knowledge, and for information in the future. 

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