Cassandra Chai

Individual Project Deliverables- Day 1
 I found this project to be interesting as I was curious as to what caffeine really was in its pure form. I also liked that it was given as a challenge.
I think I can learn more in depth about physics and allows me to further explore my choices in terms of career-wise.

 1st session- I felt that what this session taught me was that I should act as though my career is a hobby instead of a job. 

 2nd session- I learnt that mathematics can be applied to anything, even animation. 

 3rd session- I learnt that age doesn't contribute to success, anyone can be successful.

Individual Project Deliverables- Day 2
Today we extracted caffeine through the use of chemical compounds and made use of different laws to get a ball across from one point to another. 

I can learn from this project by applying what I learnt during class to real life applications and different scenarios. 

I feel that this hands on experience is very good for me as I had the chance to actually know how the it works. 

I felt that this day was really enjoyable as many challenges were posted to us and we were exposed to new and interesting equipment that helped us throughout the day.

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